Case Studies

Most Startups and new product development projects tend to focus more on design, IP protection, manufacturing costs and regulatory approvals. Sales and marketing is either left to the end or considered a function of finding the right distribution channel. In medical devices, and especially in Orthopedics, this is a costly oversight and it is often the difference between commercial success or failure. Surgeon and institutional adoption, reimbursement, pricing, marketing strategy and having the right sales channel, need to be defined from the beginning and not at the end. The business model is just as important as the technology itself. A long track record and an intimate knowledge of the” psychology” of the industry allows Newvomed to work with you from the early stage to build a marketing and sales plan designed for success. Here are a few examples and more will be added with time…

Staying a Step Ahead of the Competition

Read about one of our product development successes.

Throwing Out the Orthopedic Playbook

View our new sales and marketing strategy case study.

Using Old Technology to Build New Business

Read about one of our new market successes.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I've known and worked with Newvomed founder and CEO, Lester Fehr for over 10 years within the medical device industry. Lester has the abillity and unique vision to identify, develop and deliver on oppotunties within medicsl devices, from beging to end. Support within sales/marketing and development of products, driving them to market and understanding potential pitfalls takes expertise. Newvomed will undoubtly shorten your route to achieving your goals in this area and guide you through the process. I'd fully recommend getting in touch if you’re an individual, business or healthcare professional looking to develop products within the industry.

thumb Jim Carr