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Our strong global network of surgeons and key opinion leaders combined with our ability for rapid prototyping, patenting and filing regulatory documentation sets us apart from the competition. Newvomed can take your idea or device from concept to worldwide distribution or anything in between.




Years Experience

Orthopedic Surgeon

Meet Our Founder

The founder, Lester Fehr, is a sales and marketing executive with expertise in go-to-market strategies for joint replacements, sports medicine and orthobiologics. With more than 30 years of experience in the medical device industry, Lester has managed numerous new product development projects including clinical trial design, branding and strategy develop for sales, marketing, regulatory and reimbursement, both for existing and new products. He has created web based marketing assets, sales applications, training materials and CRM systems for a variety of distribution channels worldwide.

Throughout his entire career, Lester has been operating as a medical device pioneer bringing new technologies to market in reconstruction, sports medicine and orthobiologics. As a result, he has built a strong global network of surgeons and key opinion leaders as well as a valuable alliance with an OEM medical device manufacturer.

His most important asset however is his insight into how sales people, distributors and clinicians adopt new technologies and how that varies by product and market. The same product may require a different commercialization plan depending on whether it is being launched in Europe or the USA.

Launched over 100 products in ortho recon, biologics and joint preservation.

Managed product teams in sportsmed, joint reconstruction and joint preservation

Developed successful marketing & sales strategies in key global device markets

Developed & Implemented clinical trials including an IDE trial in the US

Established powerful surgeon relationships with key opinion leaders worldwide

Setup distribution channels in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America

Network of Resources

Newvomed works with top professionals across the globe.

New medical product technology development

New Product Development

  1. Product Ideation, Patents & Business Structure
  2. Prototyping, Clinical Evaluation & Design
  3. Validation, Testing, Production and RA Filing
Sales, Marketing and Distribution Medical Devices

New Market Launch

  1. Optimize Sales Structure, Distribution Partners and KOL’s
  2. Commercialization, Reimbursement and Targeting
  3. Surgeon & Salesforce Training, Congresses & Account Approvals
Medical Product Commercialization


  1. Identify Target Markets, Barriers to Entry and Brainstorming
  2. Product Messaging, Pricing, Collateral & Launch Plans
  3. Setup Distributors, KOL’s & Market Entry Strategy